BMDCC European Style Evaluation




Location: Spruce Meadows, 18011 Spruce Meadows Way SW, Calgary, AB 

JUDGE:  TBA              


Please note: No entries will be accepted after the closing date.

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The Judge will provide a written and verbal evaluation of each dog entered in the show based on key points in the breed standard for the education of the owners and spectators.

We are very fortunate to have ........... to judge our 2021 European Style Evaluation for Bernese Mountain Dogs.


Classes (The classes are divided by age and sex):

Jungstenklasse: (Youngest) for dogs 6-15 months of ag (including champions under 15 months of age).
Jugendklasse: (Youth) -  for dogs 15-18 months of age. 
Offen Klasse: (Open) - for dogs 18 months or older that have not yet received a Championship title. 
Siegerklasse: (Specials) -  for dogs with a recognized championship ie, CKC/AKC over 15 months and older
Veteranenklasse: (Veterans) - for dogs 7 years and older

Note: Altered dogs as well as intact dogs are equally welcome to participate in all classes. Puppies must be at least 6 months old.
Bernese Mountain Dogs must be registered or have a Performance Event Number (PEN) to enter the show.

Entry Fee: $30.00 Cdn    

For more information please contact: .......................

Specialty 2020 Payments


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Winners of the first BMDCC Sieger Show in 1999:
Ch labernese Northern Lights & Ch Teton Lakota Wind




Showing a dog in a European style Evaluation Show is a wonderful experience!!!  Each dog enters the ring individually; it is evaluated and given a score based on how closely it measures up to the "ideal dog" as described in the breed standard. The dog receives a thorough hands on examination and is assessed in a relaxed and informal manner, standing naturally, and gaiting on a loose lead. The judge is a knowledgeable breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs, who provides both a written and verbal evaluation of the dog based on several key points in the standard for the education of the owners and spectators.

Puppies are assessed first and each dog receives a rating of Very Promising, Promising or Unacceptable. All of the Very Promising puppies then compete for the Most Promising Puppy award.  The adult dogs they enter the ring.  Each dog is given an overall rating that can range from Poor to Excellent.  After all the dogs have been evaluated, only those dogs that were rated Excellent (there can be several from the same class!) are brought back into the ring together to vie for Best Male, Best Female  and the ultimate - Best in Show (which is decided from the best male and best female). Best Veteran will be selected after Best in Show.


All dogs receiving an excellent grading will be awarded a certificate.  Best in Show, Best Male, Best Female in Show, Most Promising Puppy and Best Veteran will receive a price and rosette.  

This show is a relaxed affair so sit back, learn, and enjoy the experience!!!


How the Classes are Divided in a European Style Evaluation Show

Jugstenklasse (youngest): 

 This class is for all dogs 6-15 months of age. Puppies will receive a full critique as the adult dogs, but will be rated as Very Promising, Promising or Unacceptable. This class of dogs should be full of fun and that is not to be discouraged!  All of the puppies rated Very Promising, will then compete for the Most Promising Puppy award.

Jugendklasse (youth): 

This class is for dogs 15-18 months of age. These dogs will likely continue to mature. 

Offenklasse (open): 

This class is for dogs 18 months or older that have not yet received a Championship title.  Many of these dogs will be in the prime of their life, but may not have been shown much and may lack the steadiness that the Siegerklasse dogs will have. 

Siegerklasse (specials): 

This class is for dogs that have attained a recognized championship (ie CKC, AKC). These dogs will likely be mature dogs with a steady demeanor in the show ring. 

Veteranklasse (veterans): 

This class is for any dog over 7 years of age. These older dogs may have some grey around the face and present the maturity of mind and body, although they always seem to retain some puppy like behavior!