Books About Bernese Mountain Dogs in English


 The Bernese Mountain Dog Yesterday and Today

 by Silvana Vogel

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 The Complete Bernese Mountain Dog

 by Jude Simonds 


 The New Bernese Mountain Dog

 by Sharon Chesnutt Smith


 The Bernese Mountain Dog Today

 by Dr Malcolm B Willis


 The Bernese Mountain Dog: An Owner's Guide  to a Happy  Healthy Pet

 by Julia Crawford


 The Bernese and Other Mountain Dogs

 by Gerd Ludwig, Christine Steimer (photographer), Elizabeth  D Crawford  (translator) 


 Bernese Mountain Dog

 by Lilian Ostermiller


 The Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs: A  complete  American Handbook

 by Diane Russ & Shirle Rogers 


 The bernese Mountain Dog

 by Diana Cochrane 


 The Bernese Mountain Dog   A Dog Of Destiny

 by Bernd Guenter



General Dog Care, Training and behavior Books


 Fun with Draft - Canine Workbook

 by Phil Chagnon & Lea Doane



 Clicker Fun: Dog Tricks and Games Using  Positive  Reinforcement

 by Deborah Jones


 What all Good Dogs Should Know

 by Jack Volhard & Melissa Bartlett


 Training Your Dog: The Step-By-Step Manual

 by Joachim Volhard, Gail Tramases Ffisher (contributor),  Roger Greenwald  (photographer)


 Culture Clash

 by Jean Donaldson


 The Dog Who Loved Too Much: Tales,  Treatments and the  Psychology of Dogs

 by Dr Nicholas Dodman


 Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-To-Z Guide to  Understanding  and Curing Behavioral  Problems in Dogs

 by Dr Nicholas Dodman