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BMD Clubs

 Canadian BMD Club Websites

 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario
 Club Québécois du Bouvier Bernois
 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of South Western Ontario

 American BMD Club Websites

 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America
 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Southeastern Wisconsin
 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Greater Seattle
 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Nashoba Valley
 Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Club
 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Watchung
 Potamac Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club

 Other National BMD Clubs

 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain
 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Denmark
 Swiss Club for Bernese Mountain Dogs
 German Club for Bernese Sennenhunde
 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Western Australia

Canine Health

 Berner-Garde Foundation
 CERF - Canine Eye Registration Foundation
 PennHIP - University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program
 OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
 Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) - Canada
 BMD Health Information Links
 BMDCA Health Issues Info Series
 BMDCA Health Info Sources Info Series
 Genetic Disease Info

Other Bernese Related Websites

 Bernese Mountain Dogs - Breed Information & Education for Puppy Buyers, Owners  and Breeders
 The Bernese Mountain Dog Home Page
 Internet Bernese Mountain Dog Consortium
 Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List (Berner-l)
 The Bernese Mountain Dog Presented by Denise Dean (Judges' Education)
 Illustrated Commentary on the Bernese Mountain Dog (AKC) Breed Standard
 Introduction about the Bernese Mountain Dog + FAQ