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The following dogs are looking for a forever home. 



Has been Adopted!

 In British Columbia - Ava a 4 year old female Bernese.  Ava is very friendly,
energetic, good with kids, horses, dogs and well mannered.  Ava suffers
from an eye condition that prevents the proper production of tears and
requires ointment to be applied diligently several times a day. 
(approximately $70.00 per month) We are looking for a home for her.



Has been Adopted!

In Alberta - Kodak a 9 month old male Bernese.  Kodak is quick to learn and as
smart as can be.  He has learned the basic commands, is crate trained and
almost reliably house trained.  He does like to bark but he is learning
to be quiet when told.  He is not aggressive with the other dogs in the
household and loves to play fetch.  He does have a bit of separation
anxiety.  He will require a home that will be willing and able to continue
to work on his commands and manners.  A flexible work schedule would be a
bonus so that the new family can get Kodak used to being left alone for
short periods of time.  A good basic obedience class in the future would
be beneficial for both Kodak and his new family.  We are looking for a
home without small children as Kodak, although not aggressive, is quite pushy.

If you are interested in adopting a rescue dog please review the  Rescue Questionaire - Adoption form and contact:

Maureen Greaves
BMDCC Rescue Coordinator
Phone: 403-226-4953


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