First Sieger Show
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BMDCC Sieger Show 1999

Judge: Dr. Mary Dawson

Best in Sieger Show
Teton Lakota Wind

Best Opposite in Sieger show 
Labernese Northern Lights

The following Bernese were all V- rated (excellent) by Dr. Dawson. All dogs are listed in catalogue order:


Teton Lakota Wind # 23

Nice medium size male. Well balanced. Nice head in all regards ears, eyes, muzzle stop. Nice coat & markings. Needs a little more chest. Toes in on right front when trotting. Toes out a bit in rear but is not cow-hocked. Nice reach & Drive

Littlebear's Luci Narnia # 24

Medium size bitch very attractive type. Nice Head. Eye colour could be darker but acceptable. Ears too big. Neck a little short. Little lacking in forechest. Rather than a round oval it narrows toward elbows. Nice topline, tail set. Good front angulation, little steep in the rear. Front movement acceptable but needs more reach. Rear movement good. Nice temperament.

Sablemate Somebody Loves Me # 29

Medium small bitch with attractive type. Needs more bone. Lovely head marred slightly by slightly loose lips. A shade long in body. Could use more rear angulation. Toes in a bit in front movement. Markings & temperament nice. Good solid business like bitch

Quell V Bernetta # 30

Handsome absoutely typical male with very very nice substance . Beautiful coat. Head pleasing except for slightly loose eye and lower lips. Good topline, croup tail set. Good rear & Front angulation (upper arm a bit short). Could use more chest, if had more chest would move correct inf ront (more reach). Necks a little short

Rumcay's Edwardii Brunus #33

Typical over medium sized male. Good bone & substance. Very nice head. Lips a little loose. Good topline & length of neck. Fly away coat. Excellent markings & temperament

Winterthur's Magic Dragon # 38

Absolutely typical nice size good bone. All male. Lovely head & type Nice topline Everything nice but narrow in chest lacking forechest. Hackneyed front movement temperament nice

Sennenhof Xander # 42

Beautiful type & size. Good substance. Good forechest but ribacge a little narrow. Tail carriage tends toward high but carriage is OK. Real nice rear angulation Stand correctly front & rear. Marking acceptable marred slightly by black coming into chest. Temperament outstanding


Felicity Von Der Bauerbreite # 36

Medium bitch of good substance. Head a little lacking in type due to a little to sloping stop, marred by loose lips. Ears set a little far back which detracts from appearance when alert. Nice chest. Nice topline. Moves well with nice reach & drive. Nice markings & color. Nice temperament. Has short legs so the distance from top of withers to brisket is greater than from elbow to ground

Giselle V Schwarzgeld # 39

Nice medium bitch. Adequate bone could use more. Nice head and ear placement. Ears a bit big. Eye colour OK. Nice chest both fore and rib cage. Nice topline. Good rear angulation. Nice movement front & rear. Businesslike movement covers ground well. Coat OK. Too much white on leg. Solid temperament

Schwarzgeld Dream Come True # 40

Nice good size young bitch. Bone OK. Could use more stop. Muzzle a bit long with loose lips detracts from head. Really nice eyes and colour. Ribcage could be wider. Good angulation. Toes out rear but not cowhocked. Nice businesslike movement. Good temperament & markings.

Labernese Northern Lights # 41

Nice sized mature bitch very nice type. Harmnonious bone & substance. Head nice muzzle a bit too long. Ears a bit to big. Eyes a little light but good shape. Very nice front ribcage & forechest. Excellent stand front & rear. Very nice movement front & rear. Good topline. Nice temperament


Krishon Rufus # 47

Medium large dog with good substance. Excellent type. Good moving. Good reach in front. Veteran dog that does not show age. Could use more spring of rib & forechest. Good angulation & stands well front and rear. Markings slightly awry on face otherwise correct. Nice example of breed

Schatzhof Brixi v Wagenblast # 46

Nice good sized bitch. Nice substance. Light on leg bone to be harmonious with body. Nice head, markings, eyes, ears. Good coat. Angulation good front and rear although a bit straight in rear. Temperament good. Toes in in front standing and moving, but does not interfere with movement.

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