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Lost Bernese Dogs for Adoption Puppy Mills

BMDCC National Rescue Program

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada is actively involved in the rescue of Bernese Mountain Dogs in distress or ones that require re-homing. We have a large network of people across the country that are dedicated to helping any Berner in need.

Under normal circumstances, most Berners that are "rescued" by the BMDCC are sent to a foster home for a three to four week period. During this time the dog is assessed for possible re-homing. We review basic obedience, temperament evaluations, reaction to children and adults, housebreaking, etc. The dog is bathed, groomed and taken to a veterinarian for a health check , vaccinations, and neutering. It is a requirement that all dogs in the Rescue are neutered prior to leaving our care. 

If the dog appears to be a successful candidate for re-homing, we then select a suitable family for the adoption of the dog. 

Being dedicated to the breed means having a responsibility to its welfare! 

For more information: 
Maureen Greaves
BMDCC Rescue Coordinator
Phone: 403-226-4953


BMD Rescue Contacts
Region Name E-mail Address
All of Canada
Maureen Greaves
Barb Gowan
Veronique Matte-Paquet

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